Talking & Text Counselling Sessions

Individual Sessions - £45 per 50 mins

Relationship Therapy via Zoom


Relationships have been pushed to extremes and remain the central most important elements in all our lives. Distress in our relationships impacts how we feel and how we see the world.


Engaging in individual sessions offers a chance to explore the patterns and habits not only in our relationships with our partners but in our relationships with ourselves. Making positive changes can ripple out into all the parts of our lives that mean the most.


Sessions take place at a regular time, once a week. They will be online and require payment to book the slot. To request an initial assessment session please complete the Information for Sessions form.

Couples Sessions - £60 per 50 mins
** no availability - waiting list only**

Sessions with your partner via Zoom


All of us experience relationship difficulties at times. It can help to talk it through with a neutral and professionally trained counsellor. Bringing new light and working to build coping strategies and systems into the relationship. Allowing the Couples Counsellor to take on the role of facilitator in these discussions can be a powerful step in itself, allowing the couple to experience equality and neutrality in discussions.


Sessions offer therapeutic support for anyone experiencing the struggles that come from; break-ups, fractures in trust, life-changing experiences, loss, changes in our health and everyday life. Exploring the difficulties of relationships, unpacking thoughts around core beliefs, coping mechanism, doubts, fears and perspective, help us build happy and healthy relationships.


For all enquiries, please submit the Information for Sessions form (one for each partner).

Coming Soon - WebChat - £30 per 30 min session

Text based sessions via Live Chat with your counsellor

Due to high demand, the service will shortly be offering text based 30 minutes sessions via Live Chat. Available for just £30 per session. These will be bookable, time restricted session to allow first steps towards therapy or short exploration into ideas and signposting for further help.

Coming Soon - Email - £40 per exchange

Text based sessions via email with your counsellor

The service will also be offering text based email exchanges. These exchanges allow a direct weekly link with your counsellor, at an agreed time, as a safe and convenient alternative to face-to-face ongoing sessions.

You can pay to book a session using a Paypal account or Stripe


All sessions with 7 Swans Therapy remain accessible via video-link, using the  Zoom platform or BilateralBase.

You need only an internet connection, audio and camera, set in a place you won't be interrupted or overheard.

If you have concerns about accessibility or privacy, you may like to explore the idea of text based services.